As for history curriculum, our students are provided a vast base of knowledge about the world, from its geographic features to the way different cultures throughout the ages and throughout the world have satisfied the basic needs. The history curriculum includes introductory lessons on The Story of God with No Hands, The Story of the Coming of Life, Black Strip and Clock of Eras. In the history curriculum measurement of time includes studies on:

  • Family time line, personal time line
  • Parts of the days of the week, months of the year
  • B.C.E./C.E time line


Our students in upper zone continue the in-depth study of history. They begin the process of integrating and deepening their knowledge and mastery of historical thinking. They explore with the time periods with a thematic approach. The upper zone history curriculum includes Study on

Great Civilizations, Fundamental Needs of People, The study and research of great women and men, History of a particular country. Students are educated on the History of Early Human Beings, Hand Time Line, First Time Line of Humans, Second Time Line of Humans and the Study of human evolution.