The Modern Montessori International (MMI) Group was formed in 1989 as the exclusive franchisor for Modern Montessori International (London). MMI Group is unique and a patented brand of early childhood education in Asia Pacific. With its humble beginnings as a single storey school in a modest shop house, the ever-enterprising Group has grown exponentially over the years.
Today, it encompasses close to 100 schools in 14 countries across 4 continents – making it one of the largest Montessori presences in the world. In Singapore, its Corporate Headquarters is based in the bustling Central Business District and has more than 20 Preschools island-wide. MMI has helped transformed Montessori into a household name synonymous with quality and assurance. As a testament of its strength, the acclaimed company has been accorded with a host of prestigious awards and accreditation.

Even after more than 100 years since the Montessori Method was introduced, it is still the trusted approach of early childhood education that guides to maximize a child’s potential,  empowers a child to take control of his or her own learning and prepare the child for life.
The happy smiles on the children’s faces, their involvement and enthusiasm in learning reflects the success of MMI’s ‘Whole Child’ approach. Montessori activities help them achieve their fullest potential and experience the joy in learning.