We respect every child as being an unique individual in their own right. Everyone is different from one another. In Montessori, we understand and accept every child with love and respect.

The Prepared Environment

“The Prepared Environment“ fosters creativity in learners. It is carefully and sensitively planned to be consistent with the needs of a child during their process of learning and development.

The Absorbent Mind

A child’s absorbent mind unconsciously absorbs information from the environment. This unique learning process in a child is critical during the first six years of his life. The Montessori Method is designed to tap on the absorbent mind of the child.

Sensitive Periods

According to Maria Montessori these stages are important for a child to learn a particular skill. The Montessori Method adheres to the child’s sensitive period at various stages.

The Montessori Teacher

A keen observer of the specific interests that pique the curiosity in a child. She demonstrates the use of the montessori materials and assists the child to master the skills using the prepared environment.

Freedom within limits

Montessori believes that learning takes place when a child is given freedom to choose work and learn at his/her own pace.