The Practical Life curriculum expands from the foundation laid in the preschool. Practical Life at this level shifts from a focus on self skills, to skills that help children to connect with their interests in the outside world and the larger part of their community. Care of indoor and outdoor environments is part of the Practical life curriculum. It prepares our learners to:

  • Engage in Community meeting
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Show respect for self, peers and environment
  • Embracing grace and courtesy and good manners
  • Adapt to classroom protocol
  • How to receive visitors
  • Adapt to Public etiquette


At this age, “practical life” work becomes more purposeful and builds upon the lessons received in previous environments, correlating with the community and the world. Activities support developing independence in a realistic way that promotes confidence and self-reliance. Independence and real-world life skills are incorporated into daily routines to allow students to navigate their social worlds confidently. Practical Life curriculum for upper zone includes Community Services such as daily class jobs, recycling, social conscience and community projects. It comprises of field studies related to curricular studies. As part of interdisciplinary studies, environmental trips are organised for students to promote team-building skills. Time management, planning skills and work organization skills are also cultivated in students using the Practical life curriculum.