Partnerships with parents is one the utmost importance to the care and education of children. At MMI, we appreciate sharing as much information as possible about every child so that we can make this new experience at our school happy and enjoyable for all concerned. We aim to provide constant communication between the School and our parents. We will be in touch with you regularly to keep you up to date with what is happening at our MMI school.

Parents Support Team (PST)

We always need our parents support in participating in children’s learning. Our Parent Support Team (PST) is one of the key facet of our school life. We involve our parents in planning the social events within and outside the school for their child. We encourage parent involvement in activities conducted in our school. Through our various communications with parents, we receive valuable feedback on events and activities as well as the day-to-day operations of the school.

Communication with parents

We believe in being connected with parents always. Through our daily communication book sharing updates of what the child is learning, termly parent-teacher meetings and newsletters we are in constant communication with parents to ensure they get regular updates and valuable feedback on their child’s progress. We also keep parents updated about the subjects, themes and activities covered in class, allowing them to continue their child’s learning experience at home.


Join our Learning Journey for children

Children not only learn indoors but also outdoors. We value parents suggestions, participation in planning for and engaging learning journeys for our children. We encourage parents to join us as we guide children through  meaningful learning journeys.